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Who We Are

The State E-rate Coordinators’ Alliance, or SECA, was formed as a volunteer organization in 2000 and established as a non-profit corporation in 2018.

SECA operates as a network of State E‑rate Coordinators who are designated by their respective States or U.S. Territories to provide E‑rate support and assistance to their States’ applicants and to communicate with the E‑rate program administrator as an official State representative.

SECA is comprised of 81 individual members who provide statewide E‑Rate coordination activities in 42 states and 2 U.S. territories.

SECA members are either their state's E‑rate Coordinator for Schools or they are both the E‑rate Coordinator for Schools as well as the E‑rate Coordinator for Libraries for their state. SECA Membership does not include Service Providers.

Our Experience

SECA’s effectiveness and strengths have been developed based on its Members’ knowledge, expertise and willingness to share information among one another and to communicate with policy makers and the E‑rate administrator on behalf of E‑rate applicants.

We work directly with applicants on a day-to-day basis and guide them through the mechanics of filing E‑Rate forms and complying with program rules.

Many of our members have firsthand experience with form filing and program compliance because we are E‑Rate applicants ourselves.

Our Purpose

SECA regularly communicates with the E‑rate program administrator (“USAC”), the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) and other federal and state policy makers regarding the operation and administration of the E‑rate program to convey recommendations and feedback to fulfill the goals of the program as enumerated by the FCC and Section 254 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

SECA participates in stakeholder meetings with both USAC and the FCC. SECA intends to present views and recommendations in the best interests of school applicants nationwide and to safeguard the program against waste, fraud and abuse.

SECA also serves as a forum for its Members to exchange information about the E‑rate program and to share resources for assisting applicants in complying with program rules. 

What We Do

  • Provide E‑rate training for applicants 
  • Provide technical assistance, resources, and guidance to E‑rate applicants 
  • Provide filing assistance for E‑rate applicants
  • Assist applicants in interpreting state match funding for E‑rate special construction projects 
  • Assist applicants in understanding the benefits of using state master contracts

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