FCC Appeal Decisions - COMADs & Red Light Rule

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COMADs & Red Light Rule

Name Order / Link Summary Release Date
Missouri Network Appeal
DA 19-1320

Topics: Consortia Discount Calculation; COMAD Appeal

COMAD appeal approved where consortium discount was computed based on simple average of all members' discounts and not based on the discounts of only those entities receiving specific services.

Metro Nashville Appeal
DA 18-1283

Topics: Red Light Rule

Red light rule waiver to reinstate applicant's funding requests.

Connect2 Internet Appeal
DA 18-1056

Topics: Appeal Deadline Waiver Request; COMAD Appeal

FBI investigation uncovered a litany of E-rate violations such as allowing applicants to not pay the non-discounted share; donating money to a non-profit affiliated with an applicant; providing services that were different from approved services; failing to provide approved services; failure to provide services during funding year, etc. Appeals were all denied.

Harrisburg SD COMAD Appeal
DA 16-1464

Topics: COMAD; RIFD; Recovery Against Responsible Party

COMAD and RIFD against applicant was upheld due to applicant's technology director certification stating that the equipment/service was received. Technology director and service provider's representative were later imprisoned for this fraud.

Premio Computer Appeal
DA 14-967

Topics: COMAD - Services Paid by E-rate but Not Received

Computer operating as servers were approved for funding but applicant suspended order after receiving 30 of the 128 components. Vendor invoiced USAC for the 98 units that the District refused to receive delivery of.

RECtec Technology Appeal
DA 14-966

Topics: COMAD - Services Paid by E-rate but Not Received

COMAD of funding for wireless switches and access points for a wireless network upheld because the network was not installed and funding was used instead for switches and access points for two servers and fiber optic cabling that connected its elementary and secondary schools. Violation was found because reimbursement was obtained for services that were not purchased.

Glendale Appeal
DA 14-372

Topics: Appeal Deadline Waiver Request; COMAD Appeal

COMAD reversed on appeal. COMAD against service provider was due to competitive bidding violation because applicant stated it intended to continue its existing multi-year service contract with a specific service provider. COMAD against vendor was rescinded. Recovery will be sought from the applicant. Late appeal by applicant was rejected.


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