Superseded Decisions

Decisions on this page are no longer applicable. Subsequent decisions have rendered these moot.

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Superseded Decisions

Name Order / Link Summary Release Date
Brooklyn Library FCC 00-354

Topics: NRC Amortization

Large up-front payments for installation of service must be amortized over three or more years.

COPAN Appeal Decision FCC 00-100

Topics: SPIN Changes

Requirements to be met to be able to change service providers: an applicant must certify that (1) the SPIN change is allowed under its state and local procurement rules and under the terms of the contract between the applicant and its original service provider, and (2) the applicant has notified its original service provider of its intent to change service providers.

Runnemede Appeal Decision DA 99-2957

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

28 day bidding period was waived due to SLD's failure to timely post form 470 on website.


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