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FCC Appeal Decisions

Name Order / Link Summary Release Date
Accomack County Public School Appeal
DA 23-48

Topics: Ministerial & Clerical Errors

Disposition of 37 separate appeals of USAC decisions from participants seeking to corect ministerial or clerical errors associated with the invoicing process. Found the denial of funding due to such errors inflicts undue hardship on the E-Rate participants and rigid compliance with the invoice filing deadline and invoice filing deadline extension rules does not further the purposes of section 254(h) or serve the public interest. Directed USAC to review appeals ministerial and clerical errors and not to direct these petitioners to file waiver requests with the Commission.

Two in Five Rule Order
DA 20-1311

Topics: Two in Five Rule

Waiver of the 2-in-5 Rule. Concluded that USAC had given contradictory explanations in explaining how the rule worked in trainings and had directed applicants to the inaccurate tool, thus a waiver was appropriate in the limited circumstances presented in Petitioners' requests for review.

Park Hill Appeal
DA 20-455

Topics: Ineligible Entities - Sharing of Fiber

Clarification that E-Rate eligible entities may share self-provisioned networks supported by the E-Rate program with ineligible entities so long as the ineligible entities pay their fair share of the undiscounted costs associated with constructing and/or operating the network and that E-Rate eligible entities that elect to share their self-provisioned network with an ineligible entity bear the burden of demonstrating that the cost allocation method used to determine the ineligible entity’s fair share is reasonable.

Academy of Detroit West Operational SPIN Change Order
DA 20-237

Topics: Operational SPIN Change

Disposition of 12 separate operational SPIN changes. When a new provider is delayed in starting to provide service, the applicant may remain with a previous provider during the transition period, even if that incumbent provider was not the second highest bidder. Change of service provider due to unsatisfactory quality of service is allowed. If there are two different services and other bidders can only provide one of the two services, applicant can seek new bids and award a single contract for both services to the winning bidder. If operational SPIN change is necessary due to quality of service issues and the second highest scoring bidder also has quality of service issues, applicant can seek bid from another vendor that can meet quality of service requirements. Dissatisfaction with vendor's customer service rather than quality of service is not legitimate reason to switch vendors. An applicant that overestimates its demand in one FRN cannot allocate its unneeded funding to a different FRN. Operational SPIN change rules do not grant applicants the right to remain with incumbent providers, rather than the newly-selected service provider, when technical problems do not prevent that transition. Applicant cannot wait to switch vendors until after receiving FCDL even if applicant cannot afford new vendor's higher priced service in the absence of E-rate funding approval.

Grand Canyon SD Appeal
DA 20-183

Topics: Service Implementation Deadline Waiver Request

Request for Waiver filed by Grand Canyon SD of special construction service implementation deadline approved. Although the 24 month timeline for special construction was planned, USAC's denial of extension due to fact that the extension was foreseeable and not unexpected was overruled by FCC because (1) the applicant was unable to complete implementation for reasons beyond the service provider’s control, and (2) the petitioner made good faith efforts to comply with Commission rules and procedures.

Knox County SD Appeal
DA 20-63

Topics: Funding Request Calculation - Supporting Documentation

Appeal denied of applicant's request for additional funding that could not be justified, based on applicant's estimated additional costs that could not be substantiated by contract. Applicants cannot request anticipatory price increase for a later contract period due to delays in obtaining funding approval. Applicants must not seek funding for higher than the contract price.

Houston ISD Appeal
DA 20-29

Topics: Discount Validation

Appeal approved to ensure applicant received benefit of higher discount due to state matching funds.

Missouri Network Appeal
DA 19-1320

Topics: Consortia Discount Calculation

COMAD appeal approved where consortium discount was computed based on simple average of all members' discounts and not based on the discounts of only those entities receiving specific services.

Eastchester UN SD Appeal Order
DA 19-840

Topics: Documentation Retention

Waiver of document retention requirements in several different unique situations. Appeals approved of adverse decisions that arose due to the failure of the applicant or service provider to retain all required documents for the required amount of time from the last day of service. One appeal denied where the FCC rejected the claim that lack of documentation prevented the filing of a timely appeal.

Byte Networking Appeal DA 19-838

Topics: Invoice Deadline Waiver Request

Approval of invoice deadline waiver due to extraordinary circumstances arising due to death of a service provider's employee, even though requested extension was after the original invoice deadline.

Sunesys Montebello SD Appeal
DA 19-837

Topics: Invoice Deadline Waiver Request

Reconsideration and approval of invoice deadline waiver due to extraordinary circumstances arising from vendor's billing system integration that caused a failure to bill customer, even though extension was requested after original invoice deadline.

Tennessee Consortium Appeal
DA 19-737

Topics: Consortia; Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Members joining consortium after contracts were competitively bid were permitted to obtain E-rate discounts for services under consortium contracts.

Metro Nashville Appeal
DA 18-1283

Topics: Red Light Rule

Red light rule waiver to reinstate applicant's funding requests.

Mansfield SD Appeal
DA 18-1282

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Due to lack of specificity on Form 470, rescission of applicant's funding for competitive bidding violations.

Grants/Cibola County Appeal
DA 18-1060

Topics: Service Implementation Deadline Waiver Request

Service implementation deadline waivers approved for fiber special construction.

Connect2 Internet Appeal
DA 18-1056

Topics: Appeal Deadline Waiver Request; COMAD Appeal

FBI investigation uncovered a litany of E-rate violations such as allowing applicants to not pay the non-discounted share; donating money to a non-profit affiliated with an applicant; providing services that were different from approved services; failing to provide approved services; failure to provide services during funding year, etc. Appeals were all denied.

Detroit SD Appeal
DA 18-1055

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

USAC properly rescinded the district’s E-Rate funding on the basis that the underlying applications violated the Commission’s competitive bidding rules by failing to consider the price of eligible services as the primary factor.

Farmington SD Appeal
DA 18-1000

Topics: Self-Provisioned Network; Cost Effectiveness

Self-provisioned network met cost-effectiveness requirement and properly examined total cost of ownership, and funding denial was reversed.

Pribilof SD Appeal
FCC 18-118

Topics: EPC Filing Problems

Due to problems with EPC applicant's request for relief was approved. Applicant did not realize their application was filed outside the window and they needed to request a waiver from the FCC.

Utah Network Waiver
DA 18-473

Topics: Service Implementation Deadline Waiver Request

Service delivery deadline was waived for special construction of fiber.

Eagle Hill Appeal
DA 17-1206

Topics: Ineligible Location; Time Period for RIDF; Estoppel

Funding denials for ineligible locations upheld on appeal; no statue of limitations for recovery of improperly disbursed funds; later determination that the location would now qualify for funding (dormitories of boarding schools) has no bearing on the matter; and USAC is not estopped from seeking repayment because an employee provided inaccurate information to the applicant and stated that the location was eligible for funding.

Jemez Pueblo Appeal
DA 17-1179

Topics: Service Implementation Deadline Waiver Request

Service implementation deadline waivers approved for fiber special construction.

Jefferson-Madison Library Appeal
DA 17-526

Topics: Invoice Deadline Waiver Request

Invoice deadline extensions due to Vendor's failure to timely certify BEAR even though applicants had filed BEARs by deadline.

Ada Library Appeal
DA 17-256

Topics: Invoice Deadline Waiver Request

Invoice deadline extension appeal approved.

Sweetwater Schools Appeal
DA 16-1465

Topics: Consortia; Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Competitive bidding appeal approved and applicant selected most cost-effective bidder.

Harrisburg SD COMAD Appeal
DA 16-1464

Topics: COMAD; RIFD; Recovery Against Responsible Party

COMAD and RIFD against applicant was upheld due to applicant's technology director certification stating that the equipment/service was received. Technology director and service provider's representative were later imprisoned for this fraud.

Archdiocese of New Orleans Appeal
DA 16-1205

Topics: Form 486 Deadline Waiver Request

Appeals approved of late filed 486s and absent extraordinary circumstances, FCC will only grant relief for late-filed FCC Forms 486 that were filed no later than 120 days after the last day to receive service for the funding request at issue and where the applicants have demonstrated good cause for the late filing.

Batesville Community Appeal
DA 16-823

Topics: Aircards and Data Plans - Cost-Effectiveness

USAC denials were upheld for individual data plan and air card services for funding year 2015 because the petitioners failed to show that it was more cost-effective to purchase access to the Internet through the use of individual data plans or air cards than to use a wireless local area network (WLAN) connected to the Internet.

Plaquemines Parish Appeal
DA 16-822

Topics: Service Implementation Deadline Waiver Request

Waiver of service implementation deadline and equipment transfer rules for an applicant that experienced hardship from Hurricane Katrina.

Riverside Co BoE Appeal
DA 16-821

Topics: Trade-In Credit - Method of Calculation

Applicant that used trade-in credit based on iriginal cost, and not based on fair market value, as part of payment of non-discounted cost was found to be in compliance with rules. During period in question there was no clear guidance on how to value equipment being traded in. Since then SLD has stated that trade in credits must be based on fair market value of equipment.

Ada SD Appeal
DA 16-448

Topics: Invoice Deadline Waiver Request

Invoice deadline extensions denied.

Blessed Sacrament School Appeal
DA 15-1439

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Rescission of funding due to violation of fair and open competitive bidding was upheld.

Iberia Parish Appeal
DA 15-464

Topics: Equipment Transfer

Appeal denied of applicant's adverse audit finding due to transfer of equipment purchased with E-rate support from schools that were not closing within three years of purchase

Achieve Telecom Network Appeal
DA 15-463

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Competitive bidding appeals concerning unfair competitive advantage.

La Canada Appeal
DA 15-571

Topics: Must Appeal to USAC before FCC

Appeal to FCC was dismissed because applicant must first file appeal with USAC. Appeal of late submitted Form 486 must first be filed with USAC because 486 deadline is procedural and not set by regulation.

Hancock County Library Appeal
DA 15-570

Topics: Invoice Deadline Waiver Request

Denial of requests for waiver of invoice deadline extensions. The requests sought to file invoices that were more than 12 months late at the time the petitioners first sought invoice deadline extensions.

Puerto Rico DOE Appeal
DA 14-1732

Topics: Signed Contract Requirement

Waiver of requirement to have signed contract prior to submitting Form 471.

Accelerated Charter Appeal
DA 14-1607

Topics: Service Implementation Deadline Waiver Request

Service implementation deadline waivers approved.

Le Jardin Academy Appeal
DA 14-1452

Topics: FRN Cancellation

Appeal of applicant's intentional cancellation of FRN and subsequent effort to rescind cancellation was denied.

Henrico County SD Appeal
FCC 14-131

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Competitive bidding appeal denied where price was not primary factor in the bid evaluation.

Allan Shivers Library Appeal DA 14-1256

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

Yakutat SD Appeal
FCC 14-127

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filed 18 days after window deadline was denied on appeal to be considered timely filed; excuse of new business manager was not accepted as a reason for approving late submission.

Spokane Appeal
DA 14-1188

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Appeal approved on reconsideration upon applicant demonstrating that it segregated price of eligible and ineligible services in bid evaluation.

Green Tree School Appeal
DA 14-1085

Topics: Funding Priority

Denial of funding for P2 requests due to lack of available money was upheld on appeal.

Chicago Public Schools Appeal
DA 14-1084

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Appeal denied of FCDL denial due to applicant's failure to post for internal connections on Form 470 but to apply for internal connections in Form 471.

Atlantic City Schools Appeal
DA 14-1083

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

Applicants are allowed to submit documents to validate their discount percentages.

Community Partnership of Madera Appeal
DA 14-1011

Topics: Appeal Deadline; Missed PIA Response Deadline

Failure to meet PIA response deadline.

Premio Computer Appeal
DA 14-967

Topics: COMAD - Services Paid by E-rate but Not Received

Computer operating as servers were approved for funding but applicant suspended order after receiving 30 of the 128 components. Vendor invoiced USAC for the 98 units that the District refused to receive delivery of.

RECtec Technology Appeal
DA 14-966

Topics: COMAD - Services Paid by E-rate but Not Received

COMAD of funding for wireless switches and access points for a wireless network upheld because the network was not installed and funding was used instead for switches and access points for two servers and fiber optic cabling that connected its elementary and secondary schools. Violation was found because reimbursement was obtained for services that were not purchased.

Alamogordo SD Appeal
DA 14-941

Topics: Duplicate Service; Service Substitution; Ineligible Services

Ineligible services appeal denied, USAC not required to allow Service Substitution to replace eligible equipment for ineligible equipment; backup units are ineligible.

Alex Pilibos Appeal DA 14-940

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

Camnet Appeal
DA 14-879

Topics: Ministerial & Clerical Errors

Appeals approved for some and denied for others to make ministerial & clerical corrections.

West Oso ISD Appeal
DA 14-815

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Competitive bidding appeal denied where price was not primary factor in the bid evaluation and the lowest cost vendor was not selected.

A Special Place Appeal
DA 14-740

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

Bound Brook SD Appeal
DA 14-739

Topics: Appeal Deadline Waiver Request

Dismissal of appeals due to failure to meet 60 day appeal deadline

Academy Charter Appeal
DA 14-738

Topics: Service Implementation Deadline Waiver Request

Service implementation deadline waivers approved.

Sundale Appeal
DA 14-558

Topics: Appeal Deadline - Calculation of Due Date

Postmark date of appeal determined the date of filing and therefore if postmarked within 60 days of USAC decision, appeal is timely filed.

Beaufort Co SD Appeal
DA 14-401

Topics: Service Substitution

Service substitutions approved on appeal.

Dulce SD Appeal
DA 14-400

Topics: Form 486 Mistakes

Applicants were allowed to correct Service Start Date on Form 486.

Glendale Appeal
DA 14-372

Topics: Appeal Deadline Waiver Request; COMAD Appeal

COMAD reversed on appeal. COMAD against service provider was due to competitive bidding violation because applicant stated it intended to continue its existing multi-year service contract with a specific service provider. COMAD against vendor was rescinded. Recovery will be sought from the applicant. Late appeal by applicant was rejected.

Boulevard School Appeal
DA 14-345

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

Central Islip Appeal
DA 14-344

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Appeals approved of technical competitive bidding violations that were found not to taint the bidding process.

Boston Renaissance School Appeal
DA 14-250

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

Ben Gamla Palm Beach Appeal
DA 14-239

Topics: PIA Response Deadline

Funding denials due to applicant failure to respond to its request for additional information within the USAC-specified time frame were reversed and remanded, as the FCC found good cause to waive the requirement and for USAC to provide additional time to allow applicants to respond to questions.

Annunciation Elem Sch Appeal
DA 14-234

Topics: Appeal Deadline Waiver Request

Appeals filed more than 60 days from USAC's decision were denied as late

Montgomery Co SD Appeal
DA 14-52

Topics: Discount Validation

Appeal approved of discount calculation resulting in remand to fund two FRNs.

Academy of Accelerated Learning Appeal Appeal DA 13-1075

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

Chamberlain SD Appeal DA 13-856

Topic: Appeal Deadline Waiver Request

Denials of petitions for review for applicants who did not submit their request to the Commission or USAC within 60 days.

Ashtabula Area Appeal DA 13-238

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

A.C.E. Charter Appeal DA 12-2057

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

Acadia Parish Appeal DA 12-1482

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

Abbotsford Appeal DA 12-1998

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

Anderson Elementary Appeal DA 12-796

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

Bais Chaya Mushka Appea DA 12-27

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

471 filing deadline waiver

Queen of Peace DA 11-1991

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Clarification that the Commission’s competitive bidding rules prohibit applicants from including a particular manufacturer’s name, brand, product or service in an FCC Form 470 or RFPs unless they also use the words “or equivalent” in such a description.

Baltimore City DA 11-1368

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Rules that applicants may use a multi-tiered vendor selection process when evaluating bids, but ultimately, price must be the primary factor in selecting a qualified vendor. Specifically, applicants may use the first tier of a multi-tiered evaluation process to assess whether a proposal satisfies minimum technical capabilities, such as the scope of or quality of service, to ensure that the proposal is responsive to the RFP. This tier may be evaluated on a pass-fail basis or it may be scored numerically, where a minimum score is required to advance to the next phase of the evaluation process. Applicants may use the second tier of the evaluation process to examine price and other criteria. Consistent with state and local procurement requirements, any applicant using a multi-tiered process would provide notice - in either its FCC Form 470 or its RFP - to all potential bidders as to the specific criteria to be evaluated in each tier, how those criteria will be scored, which criteria will be used as disqualification criteria, and the circumstances under which bidders will be disqualified from further consideration. Price must be weighted the highest among each of the evaluation criteria in a multi-tiered vendor selection process, consistent with the Commission's rules.

Albuquerque Appeal DA 11-672

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Competitive bidding appeals denied and granted, waiver of appeal deadline, contracts signed a few days before ACD, mistaken 470 listed in 471, 470 in effect did not require noting interest in voluntary extensions and contracts signed for extensions could still rely on these Form 470s.

Ann Arbor Appeal DA 10-2354

Topics: Ministerial & Clerical Errors

Allows applicants to correct ministerial or clerical errors on FCC Forms 470 and 471 and other related forms.

Academy of Math and Science Appeal FCC 10-122

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

Grants late filed Form Form 471 application deadline waivers filed within 14 days of the deadline or due to special circumstances.

Harvest Prep Appeal DA 10-886

Topic: Service Implementation Deadline Waiver Request

Waiver of service implementation deadline

Minford Appeal DA 09-1567

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

Appeal of late filed 471 approved

Acorn Public Library Appeal DA 08-2376

Topics: 471 Deadline Waiver Request

Established 14 day grace period for the FCC Form 471 filing window deadline in special circumstances pursuant to Bishop Perry Order.

Macomb ISD FCC 07-64

Topic: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Eligibility of services sought from multiple service providers when additional bids are not the most cost-effective

Academia Discipulos de Cristo Appeal DA 06-1642

Topic: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

FCC appeal decisions and precedents announcing new requirements or clarifying existing regulations shall be applied prospectively (particularly when the new standard may be more stringent than the existing standard).

In reviewing competitive bid compliance, USAC should have applied the standard the FCC articulated in the 1999 Tennessee Order, rather than the standard USAC applied from the newer Ysleta Order issued after the year in which the applications were filed and reviewed. USAC should have considered whether price was considered as a factor for vendor selection (as required by Tennessee) and whether the most cost-effective services were selected, and not whether price was weighted the highest during bid evaluations (as now required by Ysleta).

Academy of Careers and Technologies Order FCC 06-55

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

SLD cannot deny funding based on a "pattern analysis" that detects similar wording on Form 470s and conclude competitive bidding violations without examining specific facts of each application.

Grants instant Requests for Review for applications where USAC denied the requests for funding without sufficiently determining that the service providers improperly participated in the applicants’ bidding processes.

Bishop Perry FCC 06-54

Topics: Ministerial & Clerical Errors

Grants appeals of SLD decisions denying funding due to certain clerical or ministerial errors in the application, i.e., a failure to timely file an FCC Form 471, a failure to timely file a certification related to an FCC Form 470, or a failure to comply with minimum processing standards.

Directs USAC to provide all future and pending applicants with a 15-day opportunity to cure any ministerial or clerical errors on their FCC Form 470, FCC Form 471, or associated certifications and to develop targeted outreach procedures designed to better inform applicants of application procedures.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Order FCC 06-23

Topics: Natural Disaster Relief (Hurricane)

Extends the filing window for Funding Year 2006 (FY2006) until September 30, 2006, and waives the two-in-five rule for FY2006 for schools and libraries in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama that were directly affected by Hurricane Katrina.

IBM/Ysleta Order FCC 03-313

Topic: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Denial of funding upheld where applicants chose the a provider without seeking bids on any of the prices of the specific E-rate funded services sought. Most of the applicants also submitted FCC Forms 470 expressing interest in purchasing a catalogue of virtually every eligible service, rather than developing a list of services actually desired, based on their technology plans, with sufficient specificity to enable bidders to submit realistic bids with prices for specified services. Some applicants also stated on their FCC Forms 470 that they did not have an RFP relating to the E-rate eligible services, and then subsequently released such an RFP just a few days later; FCC states these practices are contrary to FCC rules and policies and create conditions for considerable waste of funds.

Nassau County Appeal DA 02-3365

Topic: Pre-Funding Year One-Time Costs

Commission finds that in limited situations, the infrastructure costs incurred by a telecommunications provider in preparation for the commencement of telecommunications service should be deemed to be recoverable beginning in the first year of the contract (even though incurred prior to the start of the funding year).

Kalamazoo Appeal DA 02-2975

Topic: Signed Contracts; Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Applicants who may have already signed a contract without first having posted a Form 470 may then later post a Form 470 and consider the existing contract as one of the bid responses. If the bid evaluation results conclude that the existing contract is the most cost effective option, the applicant is not required to sign a new contract but should memorialize their decision to continue the service and enter the date of this memorialization as the contract award date on their Form 471 application.

Alaska Waiver Order FCC 01-350

Topic: Community Use of Internet

Allows members of rural remote communities in Alaska, where there is no local or toll-free dial-up Internet access, to use excess service for the community during non-school hours subject to certain conditions.

MasterMind Waiver Order FCC 00-260

Topic: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Affected applicants that were innocently affected by wrongdoing committed by a service provider were permitted to re-file their 470 and 471 applications for the requested services with the applicable deadlines being waived.

Project Interconnect Appeal DA 01-1620

Topic: Consortia; LoAs

SLD has authority to require LOAs from consortium members.

Service Substitution Order DA 01-387

Topic: Service Substitution

SLD should grant service change requests for a substitute service or product where (1) that service or product has the same functionality; (2) the substitution does not result in an increase in price; (3) the substitution does not violate any contract provisions or state or local procurement laws; and (4) the substitution does not result in an increase in the percentage of ineligible services or functions; requires the applicant's request for a service change to include a certification that the requested change in service is consistent with the controlling Form 470 and Request For Proposal (RFP) for the original services.

MasterMind Order
FCC 00-167

Topics: Competitive Bidding - Form 470

Concludes that having a service provider employee listed as the contact person on the FCC Form 470 that initiated a competitive bidding process in which that provider participated makes the Form 470 defective and violates competitive bidding requirements

White Sulphur Springs Appeal DA 99-2537 Topic: Eligible Services

A router that is used for Internet connectivity is eligible even if it can be used for remote access or for WAN connectivity.

Tennessee Appeal Decision FCC 99-216

Topics: On-Premise P1 Equipment

Establishes the principle of end-to-end leased Internet service and on-premise Priority 1 equipment. Clarifies that applicants should have the flexibility to select different levels of service, to the extent such flexibility is consistent with that school's technology plan and ability to pay for such services, but, when selecting among comparable services, a school should be guided by price in its selection. Even among bids for comparable services, however, this does not mean that the lowest bid must be selected. Price, however, should be carefully considered at this point to ensure that any considerations between price and technical excellence (or other factors) are reasonable.


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